Cranes of the Grey Wind | Legacy Reserve Collection

Platte River, Nebraska

Legacy Reserve | Edition of 20

In 1975 when Mangelsen created his very first limited edition photograph, he made the decision to hold back his most valuable prints, numbered 1 to 20, so that one day as a career capstone they would be offered as part of a Legacy Reserve Collection. Many images featured in this collection have been sold out for more than a decade, complemented by recent masterworks destined to sell out in the future.

Initially reserved for museums, conservation nonprofits, and family members, collectors now have the unique opportunity to acquire Mangelsen’s “best of the best” photographs, to own one of the twenty numbers from his personal artist reserve. Each Legacy Reserve fine art collector will be invited to join the legendary photographer for an unforgettable Grand Teton Adventure.

Mangelsen is as much a conservationist as he is an artist, and thus a portion of the Legacy Reserve Collection proceeds will be donated to critical conservation issues close to his heart.

Item Number: 6250LR

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As Thomas D. Mangelsen’s dear friend, the legendary American ornithologist Dr. Paul Johnsgard notes, cranes hold a special place in the human psyche. Their calls and courtship dances, their fidelity demonstrated between pairs, their devotion to young, their homing instincts, and the grief they exhibit when losing a mate—all of these expressions of natural behavior have registered with cultures around the globe going back to the dawn of our own species.

Mangelsen has joined Johnsgard and their mutual friend, Dr. Jane Goodall, at his family cabin along the Platte River in Nebraska many a spring to observe the extraordinary migration of over half a million sandhill cranes. It’s an event that is considered one of the true wildlife wonders of the world. Cranes of the Grey Wind is Mangelsen’s homage, a panoramic photograph that draws our attention.

“What this image can’t convey are the calls of thousands upon thousands of cranes massing,” Mangelsen says. Here is what he wrote of the scene: “Early March snow flurries and dim morning blend the soft greys of sandhill cranes standing in the shallow waters of a submerged sandbar. Soon, mated pairs and family groups will come together, and like smoke rising from a chimney, great kettles of cranes will spiral and rise miles above the river. As they sail on southerly winds, the skeins will disappear against blue April skies—only the sounds of their ancient voices trailing back to earth as they journey to their northern summer homes.”


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