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First Light - Grizzly Bear

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Limited Edition of 950 | Artist Proof 95

First light strikes the summit of Mount Moran painting the sky orange as mist rises off the Snake River. On this crisp October morning, a female grizzly wades a shallow bend in the river returning to the remains of an elk she had killed two days earlier when a bull and his harem crossed in the predawn. After catching her breath, she drug her hard-won prize out of the river and into the protection of the forest. With giant paws and long claws, the great bruin excavated large clumps of grass, roots and sticks, covering the elk and then lay atop the huge mound. From there she zealously protected it from all other predators and scavengers, swatting at the clever and persistent magpies. Her feast lasted four days and would help ensure her survival through the long, cold winter and deep snows of Grand Teton National Park.

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