Thomas D. Mangelsen the Legacy Reserve Collection

Thomas D. Mangelsen adding his thumb print and signature Renowned American nature photographer hailed as one of the finest of his generation, Thomas D. Mangelsen has been creating iconic visions of wildlife and wild landscapes for nearly half a century.

The timeless fine art images now offered in Mangelsen’s Legacy Reserve Collection, part of a traveling national museum exhibition, are masterworks counted among the rarest and the best of the best.

Now collectors have the unique opportunity to acquire one of 20 numbers from his personal artist reserve, gaining a membership in a rarefied club of fine art collectors.

Catch of the Day

THE LEGACY RESERVE — In 1975 when Mangelsen created his very first limited edition photograph, he made the decision to hold back his most valuable prints, numbered 1 to 20, so that one day as a career capstone they would be offered as part of a Legacy Reserve Collection. Many images featured in this collection have been sold out for more than a decade, which are complemented by recent masterworks destined to sell out in the future.

Initially reserved for museums, conservation nonprofits, and family members, collectors now have the unique opportunity to acquire Mangelsen’s “best of the best” photographs, to own one of the twenty numbers from his personal artist reserve. Each Legacy Reserve fine art collector will be invited to join the legendary photographer for an unforgettable Legacy Experience into the wild with Mangelsen as your guide.

Mangelsen is as much a conservationist as he is an artist, and thus a portion of the Legacy Reserve Collection proceeds will be donated to critical conservation issues close to his heart.

The Legacy Reserve is a compelling collection that transports us to the threshold of dramatic moments; scenes Mangelsen has uniquely captured in his journeys from one side of the earth to the other, works that convey the same soothing sense of aesthetic satisfaction and wonder found in great paintings.

These images send a vital message to humankind, to those who would listen to their call: To save the last great wild places of our natural world.

Born of the North Wind

This is an extraordinary picture that, 20 years on, remains unequalled. It has both intimacy and grandeur – the opener to a story of survival. The panoramic view creates the feel of a vast ice wilderness, stretching to the horizon. It shows Hudson Bay, frozen at the onset of winter – hunting ground for polar bears. The bear and the little Arctic fox stand looking towards the setting sun, as if about to begin their journey. The bear will hunt seals on the ice, and its little follower will grab scraps from the dining table. Born of the North Wind was the first panoramic picture to not only win the award but also to be entered into the competition. It took ten years and some 80,000 frames to achieve what remains one of Thomas D. Mangelsen’s most treasured images.
— excerpt from 50 Years of BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Legacy Experience 2019

When you acquire a Legacy Reserve Collection masterwork, you also gain an unparalleled experience in art collecting. It includes a day in the field with the legendary photographer himself. Imagine going on an excursion into the wild with Mangelsen as your guide. The next Legacy Experience is scheduled in September of 2019. Ask us how to join Mangelsen on a Grand Teton Adventure experiencing the rich scenery and iconic wildlife of Wyoming by visiting a Mangelsen—Images of Nature Gallery, emailing Customer Support, or by calling 800-228-9686.

The Legacy Reserve Package includes:
A Legacy Reserve leather portfolio with Certificate of Authenticity.
Each image is hand-signed, along with Mangelsen’s inked thumb print.
A “Legacy Experience” photo excursion into the wild with Mangelsen.
A complimentary Limited Edition fine art photograph.

Legacy Experience: Grand Teton Adventure 2019

Grand Teton Adventure—experience rich scenery and iconic wildlife of Wyoming

You and a guest will be invited to venture out into Grand Teton National Park searching for iconic wildlife throughout the abundant mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers and skies they call home. The experience is capped off by an evening with conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall at Mangelsen’s home along the base of the Teton Mountains. This 3-day VIP experience will take place in September of 2019.

Our expert Art Consultants are ready to answer questions and help you secure your Legacy Reserve Collection photograph and save your place on the Legacy Experience into the Grand Tetons with Mangelsen as your guide. For more information visit a Mangelsen—Images of Nature Gallery, email Customer Support, or call 800-228-9686. Space is limited, order today.

Amboseli Crossing

Many artists are wedded to what is called photo-realism. The best practitioner of all (without getting his paintbrushes dirty) is Tom Mangelsen; he has an artist’s eye and a saint’s patience. He astonishes me.
—Bob Kuhn, Renowned wildlife artist

Reflections of Denali

Few living photographers are worthy of sharing company with that kind of time-tested talent as the paintings and sculpture that are in the museum collection. Tom is an artist who happens to use a camera instead of a palette or chisel. He has done all the hard work required to attain visual mastery without cutting corners to reach the highest level.
— William Kerr, Founder of the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming, the only official Congressionally-designated wildlife art museum

Polar Dance

Thomas D. Mangelsen is a photographic genius at bringing nature’s greatest creatures into our lives and his work with the magnificent grizzly bears of the American West is a gift for all generations.
— Tom Brokaw, Conservationist, author, anchor and managing editor emeritus of NBC Nightly News


What Tom has accomplished would be extremely difficult to duplicate. His photographs inspire me because they wake us up to what is at stake. When I think of the very talented nature photographers I’ve been fortunate to know—counted among the very best who ever lived— I consider Tom Mangelsen to be an American treasure.
— Dr. Jane Goodall, Primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace

Light in the Forest

Thomas D. Mangelsen was selected for the Conservation Photographer of the Year Award because he matches passion with commitment and energy with extraordinary talent. His contributions to conservation are clearly measurable and far-reaching. Through his images and the strength of his mission, the earth and its wild inhabitants will remain in public focus and forever remind us to appreciate and protect our natural heritage.
— Steve Freligh, Director of Nature’s Best Photography


As I got to know Tom the man, I understood better the secret of the success of Tom, the photographer. He portrays animals as individuals, complementing and bringing focus to the landscapes where they live. And he feels with his heart, as well as seeing with his eyes.

It seems to me that he has the same kind of reverence for the spiritual essence of the wilderness as the Native American who believes that life on earth is sacred. It is this, I think, which enables Tom to capture, again and again, something of the soul of the landscapes he portrays, something beyond the mere physical shape of the land, the mountains and sky.

— Dr. Jane Goodall



When Virtual Reality is No Match for A True Life in the Wild:
The Amazing “All Natural” Photographs of Thomas D. Mangelsen

In this age of superior environmental awareness, when mass media and virtual reality are ostensibly supposed to make us smarter in our knowledge of the natural world, consider this paradox: One of the most famous and widely-circulated wildlife photographs ever made is an image that most members of the Millennial generation probably assume is a product of digital manipulation…Read the full story.


Mangelsen’s photographs have impact that stays with you. They allow viewers to momentarily escape from their busy lives and dwell inside big humbling landscapes. Rather than being mere documentarian in their purpose, they also reveal personalities of wild, sometimes imperiled animals, reminding us that they are creatures of remarkable sentience.

In an age of rampant digital manipulation of imagery and an era in which many nature photographers take shortcuts to amass portfolios by frequenting “game farms”–facilities that rent out wildlife “models” by the hour – Mangelsen’s work stands as a striking and noble counterpoint.

— Bill Allen, Editor in Chief of National Geographic, 1994-2004


Degas said ‘It is not enough for an artist to see, he must make others see.’ With a superb blend of exactitude, artistry and love of his subject, Tom Mangelsen makes us see, literally, as we’ve never seen before.
— Jay Maisel, Photographer


I had never seen a wild mountain lion before, and after spending nearly all my life in the field, I was not optimistic I ever would. This was indeed a rare opportunity. A female mountain lion and her cubs had taken up residence on Miller Butte within the National Elk Refuge. I spent the next 42 days observing and photographing one of the most extraordinary wildlife events of my life. This experience inspired me to create The Cougar Fund, whose mission is to Protect America’s Greatest Cat.
— Thomas D. Mangelsen


What can you say about the photographic excellence of Mangelsen that hasn’t already been said? He has earned his reputation as one of America’s greatest nature photographers ever.
— Ted Turner, Founder of CNN and philanthropist