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Winter Cattails - Red Fox

Northwest Wyoming

Limited Edition of 350 | Artist Proof 35

Winter can be a difficult time for a red fox, especially in the mountains of western Wyoming where the landscape is covered by several feet of snow for many months. Feeding mainly on small rodents, deep snow presents a challenge for finding prey. However, the fox is well equipped for these challenges. From hundreds of feet away, the fox's keen hearing can pick up the sound of a mouse or vole as it eats grass seeds under the snow. Moving closer it focuses its ears to pinpoint the exact location of its prey; then with a great leap, front legs extended, it dives headfirst and scoops the rodent from beneath the snow quickly snatching it as it tries to escape. In the coming weeks, the snow will melt, and along with mice and voles Uinta ground squirrels will become abundant, providing a bounty for this fox's soon to be born kits.

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Price From: $225.00

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