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Laid Back - Chimpanzee

Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania

Limited Edition of 950 | Artist Proof 95

On the last day in Gombe Stream National Park, magic happened when a family group of a dozen chimps came down from the trees into a clearing. It was almost as if to offer a greeting to their most passionate human advocate, Dr. Jane Goodall. This photograph is of a ten-month-old chimp named Gombe, grandson of Gremlin—a chimp that Jane studied and knew well. Gombe was leaning against his mother, Glitter. This image speaks to the similar behaviors between our closest relatives in the animal world.

Millions of chimps used to live throughout equatorial Africa. However, the bush meat trade, destruction of habitat, and the black market for live chimps and animal parts, has had devastating effects. Currently, chimps are classified as endangered with between 170,000 and 300,000 thought to still exist in the wild.

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