The Elusive Leopard | Saving the Wild Collection

Greater Kruger, South Africa

Saving the Wild | Edition of 5

INTRODUCING Thomas D. Mangelsen’s exclusive Saving the Wild Collection, dedicated to wildlife conservation.

The Saving the Wild Collection includes 16 photographs of elusive and endangered animals, limited to only five editions each.

Art collectors now have an opportunity to directly contribute towards the survival of the iconic rhino, with half of all sales being donated to the groundbreaking environmental organization, Saving the Wild. Now is the time to own a highly sought after Mangelsen fine art photograph and make a difference by helping to save the wild.

All fine art photographs in Mangelsen’s Saving the Wild Collection are 30×45 inch Fuji Crystal Archive prints, framed using NatureView Anti-Reflective Glass and quality moulding in the latest designer styles. Each print is assigned a unique number (1 to 5), and hand-signed by Thomas D. Mangelsen.

Item Number: STW8LR

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She is the quintessential leopard; elusive, stealth and sublimely beautiful. I think she is the most beautiful leopard I have ever laid eyes on, and it was her eyes that stole the show that day. We found her resting in a marula tree, and perfectly at ease with our presence down below. Suddenly she jolted upright, surveyed the land before her, and ran down the tree and into the bushes. It took us humans a little while to catch up; lions were on the prowl, coming over the boulders and across the riverbed in her direction. But it wasn’t her own safety she was most concerned with. Her head kept darting in the opposite direction, in the direction of a den where she was hiding her young cubs. She was poised to create a distraction and lead the enemy away from her offspring. Then a fish eagle flew above us as she lifted her head to the sky. The sun lit up her spellbinding turquoise eyes, and in that moment, the world stood still.


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