Catch of the Day | Legacy Reserve Collection

Brooks Falls, Alaska

Legacy Reserve | Edition of 20

In 1975 when Mangelsen created his very first limited edition photograph, he made the decision to hold back his most cherished prints, numbered 1 through 20, so that one day as a career capstone they would be offered as part of a Legacy Reserve Collection.

Collectors now have the unique opportunity to own one of the twenty numbers from his personal artist reserve. These masterworks represent the “best of the best” of Mangelsen’s prestigious fine art photographs.

The Mangelsen Legacy Reserve Collection takes owning fine art to a whole new level. When you purchase a photograph numbered 1 through 20 from this collection, you will be invited to join Tom for an unforgettable Legacy Experience.

Item Number: 1698LR

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The alluring picture before you is counted among the most famous wildlife photographs in the history of the camera. Often referenced as an example of narrative nature photography at its finest, it is indeed an iconic image.

It is Thomas D. Mangelsen’s most instantly recognizable and prized fine art photograph. With this jaw-dropping “predicament scene” in which the viewer is invited to imagine the outcome, Mangelsen captures the exact moment that a spawning sockeye salmon, leaping over the rapids at Brooks Falls, flies dramatically right into the awaiting opened jaws of a massive Alaskan brown bear.

Besides the visual impact, Catch of the Day is a testament to Mangelsen’s ability to previsualize a composition first in his mind’s eye, then positioning himself above the falls of Brooks River, allowing all of the critical elements to converge and pure magic to happen.

Over the years, since the unprecedented image was captured without digital manipulation, countless other nature photographers have attempted to emulate this Mangelsen classic.

“After a week I still wasn’t sure I had gotten the image I wanted of the catch. I had seen it several times, which was special enough, but it all happened so fast and there were so many variables, that I couldn’t be sure if I had reacted quickly enough to capture it on film. I wouldn’t know for certain until I saw the processed film weeks later.”

Only 950 limited editions were originally released and they quickly sold out. The first 20 numbers were reserved until now and represent a rare opportunity to own a true Mangelsen masterwork.


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