Gentle Giant | Legacy Reserve Collection

Virunga Mountains, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Legacy Reserve | Edition of 20

In 1975 when Mangelsen created his very first limited edition photograph, he made the decision to hold back his most cherished prints, numbered 1 through 20, so that one day as a career capstone they would be offered as part of a Legacy Reserve Collection.

Collectors now have the unique opportunity to own one of the twenty numbers from his personal artist reserve. These masterworks represent the “best of the best” of Mangelsen’s prestigious fine art photographs.

The Mangelsen Legacy Reserve Collection takes owning fine art to a whole new level. When you purchase a photograph numbered 1 through 20 from this collection, you will be invited to join Tom for an unforgettable Legacy Experience.

Item Number: 2789LR

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In seeing Thomas D. Mangelsen’s portrait Gentle Giant—The Silverback, it might be shocking for some viewers to contemplate this fact: It was only a few generations ago that humans hunted mountain gorillas legally for sport. Although that era has fortunately passed, mountain gorillas are critically imperiled today in the wild, their persistence threatened by bush meat hunters, poachers, accidental killing related to military conflicts in central Africa and loss of habitat.

Gorillas are the largest of primates on earth, with only a few degrees of genetic difference separating them from Homo sapiens. But both are united by a common ancestry as well as abilities to engage in deep-thinking and deep-feeling. It is evident in social behavior.

“I owe my dear friend, Dr. Jane Goodall, profound gratitude for not only educating the world about the higher intelligence of primates but in making their plight very real to me. She was the one who foremost said that I could make a difference by blending wildlife photography with messages of conservation,” Mangelsen explains.

“No other photograph I’ve ever taken has caused more introspection. When I look at it, I see ourselves looking back,” Mangelsen says. It is my deepest wish that when you peer into the eyes of this silverback, you, too, feel empathy.”

Gentle Giant is the result of a trip Mangelsen took to the Virunga Mountains, part of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.


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